Are you a small business owner? A real estate agent? An influencer? An engineer? An artist? With years of experience capturing branding photos and headshots all across the career spectrum, I've got you covered whether you need to come across as relatable & reliable or fun & spontaneous. Personal branding sessions encompass studio headshots, lifestyle images, creative sessions just for fun, styled sessions for social media, you name it.

personal branding & portraits

what's your personal brand?

For sprucing up your personal or brand's social media, updating your headshot, modernizing your website, or just celebrating yourself!


gallery of headshots

If you own a small business or represent a larger facility, I also offer in office headshot services at individually quoted rates. Feel free to fill out my contact form to schedule a call and discuss your company's needs!


You reach out via my contact page & we schedule a consultation. This will start over the phone to talk about your needs for your photos & your vision for the session. If you'd rather not talk on the phone don't sweat it, just reply to my email and let me know you'd rather chat via email or text.

how it works


We schedule your session date & I'll send you my handy dandy style guide to start planning your outfit for your session! I'll be as hands on or hands off as you need.


Shoot day! Whether we're in my studio or out in the wild I'll make sure you're super comfortable and having fun so we get the most natural and effortless poses possible. 

I'll do some preliminary edits to your images and send you an online proof gallery to look through where you'll choose your favorite images you'd like to have processed & retouched. 


After your final images are complete your proof gallery will be updated to include your final images and you'll be able to download your high resolution photos to post online & place orders for any heirlooms and artwork that catch your eye. The most popular product choice for personal branding is stationery like holiday & thank you cards.


creative collaboration

gallery of personal portrait sessions

I love collaborating with clients on creative sessions for any occasion. In this gallery you see images from birthday photoshoots, social media brand deals, podcast launches, and just 'cuz sessions. I encourage everyone to book a photoshoot at least once in your life just to celebrate you!