My Philosophy on Headshots

I love to imagine a world where no one has boring, poorly lit, unflattering, or stuffy headshots. So I’m working one client at a time to solve that problem!

Anyone who knows me personally would know that I’m nothing if not honest. So to be frank, I don’t see the need for black, white, navy, and tan to be the only colors that are considered professional. In 2022 there’s no reason why bright, interesting photos that show your personality should be restricted to those in creative fields. And fun colors aside, as far as I’m concerned absolutely everyone in client based fields should want a headshot showing big beautiful genuine smile that says “Hey! Pick me! I’m nice!”

So my philosophy is this: If we take away the idea that yes a headshot serves a purpose- to let clients, hiring managers, casting directors, etc. know who you are and what you look like- it’s really just a portrait. So why, if the purpose of that portrait is to show who you are, do they all look the same?

Here we have 3 ladies all photographed smiling on a white backdrop. The difference between these portraits and whatever their last headshot looked like is personality. Tatiana (left), is a hair stylist who is incredibly bold and confident. Her sly gaze and hand placed under the chin is a little tongue in cheek way of letting the viewer of the photo know exactly what her vibe is! Megan (center) is a realtor and is inspiringly hard working, kind, and understanding. While this picture is one of the more plain of the bunch because it had to meet specifications for a business card (boooo), you can absolutely see the kindness in her eyes. The navy shirtdress she wore brought out her blue eyes, and the hoop earrings show off her own personal sense of style. Hyacinth (right), also a realtor, has an absolutely phenomenal laugh and bright personality. Y’all know I couldn’t let this woman leave my studio without capturing that joyous spirit she has! She was photographed wearing her “signature scarf” that she wears in some fashion almost every day.

You may notice that all of these photos so far have been women…

Ok so let’s get the men in the studio y’all!! I have done my fair share of headshots of men, but the vast majority of my headshot clients are women. As I mentioned at the top of this post, I’d love to see the end of all of those stuffy doctor, lawyer, business exec headshots, and let’s be real here the majority occupying those jobs is still men. ~Dare to be different~ guys! You don’t have to choose pink or yellow if that’s not your speed. Check out these shots of Owen, owner of Carolina Eatz, and Dr. Willis of Sumter Podiatry.

Owen comes off as kind, capable and masculine in his photos. The green backdrop compliments the color of his beard and matches his branding! Dr. Willis shows a genuine smile in both of his pictures, on the right he’s looking to his wife and chuckling. He’s still suited up and appearing very professional, but his expression and pose are more casual and comfortable. These types of photos help your clients to connect with you before meeting you in a much more meaningful way than your traditional yearbook style headshot.

So that’s my take: Switch things up. Be colorful. Show emotion. Be different!

You’ll at the very least make me happy, but I’m sure you’ll make an impact on everyone who comes across your headshot as well.

Aaand if you so happen to decide to work with me to achieve that, I’d be happy about that too 😉

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